FME WorldTour 2020 - Feedback

Dear all,

We would appreciated the information at the latest by 16th September 2019, so we can applicate for the FME World Tour 2020.

Next year, Multisoft d.o.o. is planning, in cooperation with Safe Software to organize a Conference for FME users.
So far, three FME World Tour conferences have been organized, which are the only ones in the region of Southeastern Europe, where we bring together a large number of existing and future FME users, that is, users dealing with GIS systems and spatial data.

One-day Conference will be held in Zagreb, Croatia in a period from March to May 2020 year.
The conference will be organized under the sponsorship of the source owner of FME products, Safe Software and Multisoft d.o.o. Conference must be approved by the Safe Software, therefore our task is to submit agenda, planned number of participations and the conference venue.
We would appreciated the information if you are interested in this kind of Conference and how many people will participate. Also, if you would like to share with us your FME story as a lecturer at this conference or you would like to hear some topic, feel free to let us know.
Attending the Conference includes some registration fee (depend of participants number). 


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