Bring life to your data – Safe software i FME

Safe Software underwent a rebranding and has been presenting itself with new logos, colors and fonts since mid-April. The goal was to present the company's identity in a modern way and illustrate how FME technology brings data to life.

Previous logos and colors were partly up to 30 years old and no longer met the current requirements in terms of design and the messages they share. FME has evolved from its beginnings as a CAD-to-GIS migration tool to an integration platform for companies of all sizes. Currently, there is no other integration solution with such comprehensive support for spatial data that can be used on different platforms and all without programming.

The new design establishes a relationship between products (Products - Safe Software) and manufacturers (Home - Safe Software) and represents the endless possibilities that FME offers its users.
You can learn more about the background behind the rebranding in a statement from Safe Software founders and CEOs Don Murray and Dale Lutz - enjoy: