Gas industry

Natural gas distribution companies need a smarter and complete geospatial product that delivers solutions for efficient network management, lower costs, improves user service and meets increasing compliance and regulatory demands.
A solution that helps you improve productivity, maintain, and manage the entire network using applications integrated into your business processes.
Accurate, up to date network data for efficient control built on Smallworld Core Spatial Technology which is one of the most widely available GIS technologies.
Gas distribution is a set of integrated applications dedicated to spatial planning, documenting and management of the distribution network. Distribution companies have traditionally used disparate solutions that consisted of classic GIS solutions and a set of applications by various providers. An integrated GIS solution lowers the costs of integration and maintenance, as well as the need to contact several providers.

The gas distribution GIS application system is dedicated to documenting, planning the gas network and other facilities adjacent to the gas network.
System is based on Smallworld Core Spatial Technology.

The system can process and maintain data:

  • internal world of the facility
  • technical catalogue
  • digital cadastral plans
  • raster background maps
  • address system

Based on user requirements

  • managing the needs of managing, maintaining, and complying to regulations by accessing ownership and network data in one environment from your desk.
  • simplified decision-making regarding property management.
  • ability to give quick access to up-to-date data for anyone anywhere
  • managing total IT costs

Added value for users...

  • accessing various data in the entire organization
  • giving information to those who need them
  • network planning and compliance management
  • remote access and data collection in the field

GDO functionalities

GDO provides a package of operational, engineering and property management applications that help speed up and improve gas distribution management. This geospatial based product gives a framework for regulation compliance and better prevention.

Better efficiency
Fast implementation

Significant functionalities in GDO

Leak Detection and Survey - proactive reporting about losses.
Gas Outage Analysis - identification of users affected by planned and unplanned outages, identification of locations needed to isolate a network segment.
Public Awareness Programs - a tool for the production and implementation of public awareness programs. The purpose of the tool is to inform the public about distributor operations and safety measures.
"Call Before You Dig" data export - a tool for distributor data export for third parties.
Route Manager - a tool for creation and evaluation of a route for inspections and meter readings. The goal is to optimize teams and resources on the ground.