Heating industry

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) are utilized in activity areas where, aside from alphanumeric data, spatial-geographic data is also of significant interest. Due to the above-mentioned property, a GIS system is the ideal informational environment for supporting development, maintenance, and management of systems like a heating network. A heating network includes distribution of hot water or steam through a network of pipes into individual houses or buildings.
By integrating GIS with other technological systems like a network planning system, review and maintenance system, and similar systems, multiple benefits are achieved, e.g. reducing the need to maintain data in several places and gaining a reliable data exchange between those systems.
TeGIS is an information system intended for documenting, planning, managing, and maintaining a heating network which includes spatial and technical data of the distribution and transmission within that network. TeGIS system consists of a database, user interface, and application functions tailored to user needs.


TeGIS structure

TeGIS includes the following data pools:

  • heating facilities: manhole, connection point, heating station
  • heating pipeline networks: hot water, warm water, steam
  • internal world of the facility: single-line manhole diagrams
  • supporting facilities: geodesy, telecommunications
  • address system: from the county to the house number
  • vector background: cadastral plans
  • raster background maps: all formats of raster maps according to contents, scale, and projections are supported

TeGIS - user interfaces

  • desktop application: input, updates, general and advanced analyses, and reports
  • web application: review and reports through a web browser
  • mobile application: data input and review in the field

TeGIS - user functions

TeGIS supports different types of user functions which are intended for different types of workplaces:

  • system maintenance and administration
  • data input/maintenance
  • reports/printouts
  • advanced searches

TeGIS - applications

TeGIS specific applications are functions created for the needs of the heating industry regarding usage simplification and increase in efficiency:

  • data quality control
  • advanced spatial searches/reports
  • operational/construction condition of the electric grid
  • grid voltage state maintenance on all voltage levels
  • geodetic survey making
  • spatial location of the malfunction