Smallworld Network Inventory provides end-to-end network documenting for systems built with different technologies. Visualizing a network and functions is not an easy task, but with Smallworld Network Inventory and our solutions we can help you achieve your digital transformation and enable you to truly understand the position of your network and how it is connected. This powerful solution supports all network technologies, including FTTx, copper, coaxial, directed radio networks, microwave connections and power cable connections.
As a result, you have the possibility to use your network resources more cost effectively, and to provide and maintain faster and more efficient services to your end users. You can optimize your business insights, from optical network design to network operations, with guaranteed quality.
DDS (Design and Documentation System) is a Desktop application based on the GE Smallworld Network Inventory product which includes spatial, as well as technical data of a telecommunication network and telecommunication facilities. The system consists of a database, user interface, application functions, hardware and software environment.

The system encompasses technological structures and a data model for:

  • above and below ground telecommunication network infrastructure
  • internal world of locations and RME equipment
  • optical networks (Core, FTTx)
  • copper networks
  • coaxial networks
  • directed radio networks
  • microwave connections
  • power cable connections
a network

System applicability

  • network documenting
  • network planning
  • existing systems integration and data sharing over a service
  • network elements connection testing
  • defining logical and physical network paths
  • network schematics
  • optical paths scanning to calculate losses and show results of the OTDR measurements.
  • internal view of the facility contents and equipment
  • access to connected documents
  • monitoring works
  • managing work orders and creating cost statements


joint access and use application for electronic communication infrastructure

DDS WEB EKI product consists of program components that participate and enable E2E realization of Hrvatski Telekom wholesale services.

The system is used for making requests, issuing, and receiving documentation, and communication exchange between Hrvatski Telekom and other telecommunication providers.

The system is accessed through a web interface, and it is integrated with Hrvatski Telekom’s task and workforce management system (WWMS), document management and archiving system (FileNet), and planning and documenting system (DDS).

Network Inventory Gateway - WEB app

Data review on the Web with Google Maps and Google Address Search. Dedicated web apps: app for finding malfunctions in a telecommunication network. 


Smallworld Web i Google

  • Google Maps
    • Streets
    • Hybrid
    • Terrain
  • Google Address Search
  • Google Street View

Smallworld Web solutions

  • web oriented solutions for accessing Smallworld data
  • app developed in standard web technologies HTML5, OpenLayers – Chrome, Firefox, Safari
  • fast and direct data access
  • indexed object search
  • intended to solve specific business needs

Smallworld dedicated Web apps

  • NIG: Physical Browser
  • NIG: Fault Locator
  • Design Dashboard

Smallworld Web

  • focused apps – fewer general functions with a greater focus on business needs
  • easy and accessible – the power of tools for engineers in a web browser
  • intended for a wider pool – of other users within the business organization, and users outside the business organization