MULTISOFT d.o.o. was founded in 1990. It is a small company which allows it to be flexible in organization and realization of projects. The company was founded to meet demands for introducing IT solutions and systems for various users. In the late 90s, by following market demand and the need to specialize services, Multisoft started to develop two businesses.

  • IT system integration
  • functional geographical information systems (GIS)
Gradually, the company expanded its activity area, and today its IT solutions are intended for specialized users from the areas of utility services, supervision systems, and technological processes management, as well as specialized sales and commerce.Today we are one of the leading companies in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) implementation thanks to our long-term partnership with global leaders in those technologies: GE Smallworld and Safe Software.In the previous period the company executed a significant number of IT projects and gathered experience in quality realization of assumed obligations. We certified experts from the system IT integration field, as well as geographical information integration for energy, telecommunications and utilities fields.Most of the projects, works and services executed to date are currently successfully in use.
Solutions which are specially developed according to user requests achieve the following:
  • advancing business processes by implementing a unique and centralized database
  • acceleration of infrastructure planning and building by eliminating redundant processes
  • more efficient operative management of infrastructure
  • lowering total costs of the infrastructure
  • document digitalization as a precondition for advanced analytics and predictive maintenance
  • business and data transformation
Today, although by the number of employees and financial indicators Multisoft is considered a small company, it shows continuous growth every year as showed by the indicators above. That is a guarantee of dependability of delivered equipment and services for its customers.

Multisoft is a member of a large number of national and international organizations, institutions and associations:
  • CIGRE (International Council on Large Electric Systems) and the Croatian CIGRE Board
  • CIRED (Congres International des Réseaux Electriques de Distribution; International Electricity Distribution Conference) and the Croatian branch of CIRED
  • Croatian association MIPRO
  • HrOUG (Croatian Association of Oracle Users)
  • Electrotechnical Society Zagreb.

Basic information

Marketing, informatics, engineering
HEAD OFFICE: Zvečaj 1, 10 000 Zagreb
OFFICE: Ogrizovićeva 34, 10000 Zagreb
MB: 3521583
OIB: 59928780182


Registered in the Commercial Court in Zagreb under No. MBS 080326332
THE AMOUNT OF THE CAPITAL: 18.800,00 HRK/ 2.495,19 EUR (fixed conversion rate 7,53450) paid in full
BOARD MEMBER: director Vladimir Kavur

Bank data

BANK ACCOUNT: Croatia banka
ACCOUNT NUMBER: HR752485003-1100205627
IBAN: HR7524850031100205627
BANK ACCOUNT: Zagrebačka banka
ACCOUNT NUMBER: HR8523600001102394625


PHONE: +385 (1) 3640 815
FAX: +385 (1) 3640 817


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