Consulting, data analysis and project management

Consulting services are provided by the GIS consultant who is an expert in GIS platforms, databases and business application development. They contribute to the user request analysis, solution proposals, and tools and system development and implementation. Alongside giving support during user request analysis and system implementation, consulting services are also applicable during processing and analysis of geospatial data.

Analysis and processing of geospatial data is more than displaying data on a map. Understanding the location, relationships between different types of data and patterns contribute to faster and better business decision-making throughout the entire company. Analysis helps to reveal information that will not be clearly visible at first what their meaning is and what their mutual relations are. It helps to understand where data appears in space and how it is affected by the various factors associated with it. 
Multisoft GIS consultants will help analyze specific data and information and will process them so that the results of the analysis can be more transparent, meaningful and useful.

and analysis

Multisoft coordinates planning, organization and implementation for GIS projects. It helps its user define priorities and understand risks so that the projects can be realized in the defined scope and time frame within the planned budget.

Using our defined standards and longtime experience in managing projects we help during the GIS solution implementation life cycle:

  • project initiation (documentation preparation)
  • project planning (defining the scope, budget, time frame and communication plan, risk management, etc.)
  • project execution (status, KPI, quality)
  • project monitoring (goals, delivery quality, monitoring of costs, progress and impact)
  • project conclusion (post mortem, reports, analysis)