GIS solution development

Multisoft offers proven experience and expertise in the comprehensive development of business software applications, including the complete range of integrated software services and business solutions.

Our customized desktop and web solutions are specially developed on demand by public and private users.
By using the most current technologies and experience in the development of GIS solutions spanning more than two decades, we are meeting expectations and offering integrated solutions with a focus on quality and fast turnarounds.

Multisoft has extensive experience in consulting for and implementation of software development end-to-end projects in compliance with all software development life cycle phases like:

  • request analysis
  • system design
  • system development
  • installation and configuration
  • third party integration
  • system testing
  • support and maintenance
technological evoluation
Support and 

Our solutions are based on Agile and Waterfall industry standards and DevOps models, and our services include:

  1. Technological evaluation of the request (customization for the user’s business model)
  • architecture definition and design
  • software installation, configuration and integration
  1. Support and maintenance
  • software change request management
  • consulting for software implemented by third parties
  • support and maintenance after release
  1. Software testing
  • system testing, integration, load, performance and regression testing
  • error reporting and management
  1. System integration
  • consolidation of spatial and other data by integrating Multisoft solutions with the user's existing databases and systems
  • system integration with the new and existing hardware and software
  • GIS technology integration with various OSS, ERP and other business applications and systems.