Management, maintenance and operational support

Multisoft offers maintenance and support services for delivered systems.

Operational support includes troubleshooting identified issues of varied complexity, from basic issues to do with application usage to errors in the application code and databases. System maintenance includes continuous monitoring and application optimization services.

Level 0
Documentation preparation and detailed system operation information to facilitate user application
    • technical documentation
    • customer manual
    • operation assistance after initiating the system into the production environment
Level 1
Troubleshooting simple issues while using the application
    • receiving and managing records of all user requests through email, helpdesk portal and phone
    • prioritization
    • troubleshooting basic issues (resetting user passwords, failed log ins or log outs, etc.)
    • escalation of unsolved issues to the next level of support
Level 2
Solving incidents by fixing the configuration
    • application environment admin
    • user accounts admin
    • software installation
    • keeping issue records and sample analysis
Level 3
Solving incidents on the application code level
    • troubleshooting the most complex issues by changing the application code
    • administration of the database